The Nubians (History and Evidence of Marginalization)

The Nubians are one of the oldest communities in the country having entered Kenya as early as 1884. They were brought by the British from the Sudan to secure the British imperial colonial rule in Kenya from being taken away by the Germans.They settled into El-dama Ravine, Kibra,Machakos, Kibigori,

Mombasa, Kibos, Isiolo, Mumias, Bungoma, Meru and Oyugis and Kisii after service as soldiers to the British colonial government but to date are still a community with no clear direction, identification, recognition and integration within the current Kenyan government and society at large. This marginalized community has been underdeveloped with lack of exposure and access to skills, resources and opportunities.

The Nubians’ economic, social and cultural heritage has disappeared and the once proud and respectable community is vast becoming an endangered minority in Kenya. The Nubians were a once proud community who owned and ran businesses within Kibra.  It is our hope that with clear emphasis and proper investment in this community, it will go back to its tranquil of yester years and flourish to glory days ahead. We are primarily focused in developing and protecting our community, hoping to restore its pride through molding the future generation by exposing them to such ideals that warrant responsibility, accountability and development from the onset.

The Nubian community has faced a lot of challenges in the past years and this trend is getting worse as each day passes. They hence have long suffered through victimization and marginalization through land issues, citizenship, development, profiling and stereo typing just to mention a few. This has impeded the community’s active participation in leadership and by extent development despite being one of the oldest communities in Kenya. This has made them vulnerable to exploitation by politicians who use them as pawns to secure and land key leadership positions, which has in turn hindered their participation in governance and created sublime divisions among Nubians in not only their homeland but the country as a whole.

Nubians have been viewed to be at cross roads with the government with most of them not particularly pleased with some of its efforts with examples in lack of issuance of title deeds for their ancestral land although the government issued them with a leasehold of 100 years which still remains to be a big challenge as the future generation will still be facing these challenges of access to title deed in Kibra due to the title issued being a leasehold and not a freehold which gives you a full mandate of owning the Land fully, the strict vetting process in application of identity cards and passports, this has seen Nubians alienate themselves from governance and the government as failing to find favor.

It is through this background that we aim to challenge the Nubians to participate in these forums in order to understand that their land rights have not been recognized in all the areas this community settled in.