Radio Talk- Devolution with Omar Hamisi

While a lot of program activities have been put on standby due to government directives on how to manage control the spread of COVID-19, our radio programs have been ongoing and here is a recap of what discussion was covered this previous weekend on Saturday, 18th July 2020. The awareness session was led by our paralegal Omar Hamisi and he covered Devolution.

Devolution is a concept that is familiar amongst most Kenyans following the public transfer and the decentralization or delegation of power from the national tier to a lower level. It entails the delegation of responsibilities to local governments from the central government.

The objectives  of devolution when it was introduced included;

a) to promote democratic and accountable exercise of power;

(b) to foster national unity by recognizing diversity;

(c) to give powers of self-governance to the people and enhance the participation of the people in the exercise of the powers of the State and in making decisions affecting them;

(d) to recognize the right of communities to manage their own affairs and to further their development;

(e) to protect and promote the interests and rights of minorities and marginalized communities;

(f) to promote social and economic development and the provision of proximate, easily accessible services throughout Kenya;

(g) to ensure equitable sharing of national and local resources throughout Kenya;

(h) to facilitate the decentralization of State organs, their functions and services, from the capital of Kenya; and

(i) to enhance checks and balances and the separation of powers.

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Decentralization aimed at ensuring that power and responsibility factored the different needs of different geographical areas to ensure all persons in different communities and with different demographics are well catered for and have access to adequate social services, well within their reach.