Happy Endings also exist…

Happy endings do not only exist in fairy tales, some happen to us right here in the community. In this week’s story we major on one Abdulfaraj, a youth here in Kibera from the Nubian community who came to our offices and by the help of our paralegal Hamisi Omari was able to get his ID and now is able to access the services he was limited to.

Below is his story,

Abdulfaraj finished school like a year back he’s a very good footballer, besides from just playing football he’s a motorcycle rider. When he reached 18 he followed Omar and told him that he needed to apply for an identification card. He had all the required documents so he was told  to either come on Tuesday or Thursday to the office so that he can be accompanied to the registration office. He came on a Thursday and his documents were photocopied and  then together with Omari they went to the registration office.

When they  reached there they found the two elders and other clients who were being attended to, when Abduls’ time came he produced his original documents and the photocopies too. The elders filled the affidavit when they were done and directed him to Halisan where the affidavit was supposed to be typed. Omar  helped the elders in filling the chiefs’ letter and the list form they signed the affidavit then attached all the documents then he was sent to the chiefs office to go and get his/her sign.

His forms were signed and he came back then the elders who  gave him a security vetting date, which was supposed to happen in a months’ time. When the day came, Paralegal Omari called him  to go and check whether his name was on the vetting list. He went and luckily his name was on top, he was vetted and everything went well. He was told to return at the registration office after two day to finish his application.

He was reminded to go and finish his application, he went finished then he was issued with a waiting card and was told to go and collect his ID after a month. After three weeks, they met with Omari and he informed him, he had gotten his ID card. This was a welcomed surprise because the Ids normally come after two months. We later helped him apply for a certificate of good conduct and for a KRA pin. We expect him back to apply for a passport.

While the process is difficult, we appreciate moments where our clients have an easy time in the application of their documents. we are endeavoring to create awareness in the community on needed documents to fasten their process on the acquisition of documents. Embrace sophistication with our Richard Mille look-alike, meticulously crafted to mirror the iconic design and precision of the original timepiece.