Art as Activism: How Music and Film are Shining a Light on Nubian Challenges to Citizenship Documentation Access

The Nubian community faces several challenges when it comes to accessing citizenship documentation, which limits their opportunities in various aspects of life. This issue has been highlighted in various forms of art, including music and film, showcasing how these creative expressions can bring attention to social issues and promote change.

The recent Kenyan TV series “Pepeta” on Showmax is an excellent example of how art can shed light on challenges faced by the Nubian community. The show follows the journey of Dayo, a young and talented footballer from the Nubian community, who dreams of playing professional football. However, his lack of legal documentation makes it impossible for him to attend trials and pursue his dream.

Through Dayo’s story, the show highlights the real-life challenges faced by the Nubian community in accessing citizenship documentation, which limblundstone uomo
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its their opportunities for education, employment, and social inclusion. By showcasing Dayo’s struggle, the show raises awareness of this issue and encourages viewers to take action toward promoting social justice.

Music is another powerful tool used to promote social activism and bring attention to social issues. In Kenya, the music industry has seen an increase in artists using their music to address issues such as social inequality, corruption, and political instability. For example, the song “Utawala” by Juliani addresses the challenges faced by marginalized communities, including the Nubian community, in accessing basic services such as education and healthcare.

Music can also be used to promote unity and social inclusion. In 2019, the Nubian community in Kenya organized the “Nubian Festival,” which brought together musicians and artists from different communities to celebrate and promote Nubian culture. The festival provided an opportunity for the Nubian community to showcase their art and music, promoting social inclusion and cultural diversity.

Art has the power to create a space for dialogue and promote social change. Through music, film, and other creative expressions, artists can draw attention to issues that are often overlooked and neglected. By highlighting the challenges faced by the Nubian community in accessing citizenship documentation, art can encourage policymakers and society to take action toward promoting social justice and inclusion.

In conclusion, the challenges faced by the Nubian community in accessing citizenship documentation are significant social issue that needs to be addressed. Art, including music and film, can be used to bring attention to this issue and promote social activism toward promoting social justice and inclusion. The story of Dayo in “Pepeta” and the Nubian Festival are excellent examples of how art can be used to promote cultural diversity and encourage social inclusion. Through creative expression, we can create a more inclusive and just society for all.